The rebarriQue revolution

With a sustainable design made of stainless steel and only a single, detachable component made of oak wood that can be stacked in layers, we at rebarriQue are making our contribution to a more climate-friendly world. 

For the first time in the history of industrial production of wooden barrels, we are building liquid-tight, cubic barrique barrels that can be toasted easily on multiple occasions, and revolutionize a 3000-year-old cultural technique.  

We are changing the shape of an important cultural asset - but by no means its ingredients. 

Wood, steel, and fire will continue to be the most important elements for our innovative multi-toast, reusable barrels. 

However, we are using them more efficiently, more energy-efficiently, and more sustainably. 

For our very big goal - the production of even better wines & spirits. 


Become "rbQ - ambassador" for more Sustainability!

Every year, more than 300,000 valuable oak trees are felled around the globe to make round, non-dismantlable wooden barrels. Up to 90 percent of these oaks can be spared from being felled in the future by using our dismantlable, space- and resource-saving "MoreToastBarriQues“. Round barrels have been built for about 3000 years. Extrapolating over the next 3000 years, at least 1 trillion more oak trees would have to be felled to meet the very rapidly growing demand for barriques. So if you want to do something against the cutting down of our forests, become a "rebarriQue ambassador" and get involved with our sustainable barrels!


Become "rbQ - Winemaker" and protect our climate!

A single rebarriQue can replace up to 15 barrique barrels and thus make an important contribution to decarbonizing our planet. Once installed at the winemaker's site, rebarriQues can be opened in seconds and cleaned in an environmentally friendly manner - without the use of chemicals. Even reconditioning and retoasting can be done on-site. Unnecessary transportation is avoided. Only when its barrel walls are about as thick as a slice of toast does our dismantled wooden barrel go on its journey, giving up its last reserves of phenol and tannin to a good whisky. Processed into parquet in red wine or cognac colors, it is rebarriQue winemakers who make it all possible! 



Become "rebarriQue experts" for High Taste &  High Sustainability!

As is so often the case, it's the small details that make the difference when it comes to the really big questions. In the aging of excellent wines and whiskies, it is the difference between ROUND and SQUARE. But especially between THICK and THIN. rebarriQues can be quite THIN.

Instead of 27 millimeters for round barrels, barrel staves of up to 12 millimeters thickness are possible with rebarriQues! This conserves resources and enables entirely new wine qualities, with oxygen transfer rates of 4-6 mg oxygen/liter/month. Round barriques (225 L) transfer a maximum of 3-4 milligrams oxygen/liter/month. Used barriques just manage 1-2 mg oxygen/liter/month.



rebarriQue & Quality

rebarriQue wines do not have to shy away from comparison with wines that have been matured in round wooden barrels. On the contrary. In direct comparison and blind tastings "barrique vs. rebarriQue", rebarriQue wines always receive excellent ratings. The differences in quality become particularly clear in the second, third, and subsequent occupancies of the two types of wooden barrels. While round barrels close their wood pores after the first occupancy and release only a few ingredients to the wine, rebarriQue barrels release their ingredients in constant quantity and increasingly better quality over numerous occupancy cycles.


rebarriQue & Innovation

On May 11th, 2021 rebarriQue was awarded "for the construction of a square barrique barrel" by the Minister for Economy, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate in cooperation with the Working Group of the Chambers of Industrie and Commerce and the Working Group of the Chamber of Crafts Rhineland-Palatinate awarded a recognition in the category "Special Prize for Innovations from the Culture and Creative Industries". Matthias Glass, managing director of rebarriQue GmbH & CoKG, received the award virtually at an online award ceremony. Our thanks go to the minister, the represantives of the IHK and HWK and the jury of the Rhineland-Palatinate innovation award.

rebarriQue & Design

On November 15, 2017, we were awarded the Design Prize of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate in Mainz. In his statement, the chairman of the jury, Carsten Kehrein, writes:"rebarriQue is a sustainable alternative to the previously known barrique barrels and an outstanding contribution to design in Rhineland-Palatinate." 

We are happy to agree with this and would like to thank both the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economics, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture in Rhineland-Palatinate, Dr. Volker Wissing, who offered the prize, and the State Secretary, Andy Becht, who presented us with the award on behalf of the Minister.




The multi toast staves

Unlike bent barrel wood staves, rebarriQue multi-toast staves can be disassembled and reassembled almost any number of times. Entire barrel sides or individual multi-toast staves can be replaced, planed, or sanded down and toasted again and again. At the end of a long and sustainable wooden barrel life, in contrast to round barrels with curved barrel wood staves, the most useful and cross-generational use is imaginable: Solid wood flooring in natural shades of Bordeaux or Burgundy red, Sherry, Cognac….


The rebarriQue pioner

Christian Nett was the first rebarriQue winemaker to expand a Pinot Noir in our sustainable barrels in 2017. More information about Christian and all other winemakers who rely on the sustainable aging of their wines in our reusable barrels can be found at. rebarriQue winzer